The Huayhuash mountain range is a mountain range in the Andes of Peru. It runs from north to south, the main area that has about twenty peaks develops over an area of ​​approximately 30 km, with a secondary mountain range of peaks of lower height to the west that is about 15 km long. Six of the peaks exceed 6000 m. Among the mountains are the Yerupajá (6635 m), the second highest mountain in Peru (after Huascarán with 6770 m), and Siula Grande (6345 m), which achieved fame for the work Playing the void of mountaineer Joe Simpson .

It is the second highest mountain range in the world in the tropical region, after the Cordillera Blanca, immediately to the north. Although it is located 120 km from the Pacific Ocean, the ridge is part of the watershed of the South American continent; the waters of the eastern escarpment run towards the Marañón River, the main tributary of the Amazon.
In its 30 km from North to South there are 7 mountains that exceed 6000 m and 7 elevations of more than 5500 m. The area also houses dozens of glacial lagoons of incomparable beauty (Carhuacocha, Juhuacocha, Siula, Kanrajanca, Viconga, Solterococha, Mitucocha, Jurau, among others). Located approximately 50 km south of the Cordillera Blanca. The area has a very small population, with a few scattered hamlets below the 4000 m level (the snow level is at an altitude of 4800 m). The closest towns are Chiquián (3400 m), Queropalca 3831 m and Cajatambo (3375 m. In 2002, the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture declared the Huayhuash a “reserve zone” and prohibited certain activities.

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